Mike Thompson for Solano County Superior Court Judge

Leadership. Trust. Experience.


I have always wanted to be a Judge in the Solano County Superior Court and after thirty-nine successful years as a local practicing attorney, I was asked by retiring Honorable Robert Bowers who currently presides over Department 15 of the Solano County Superior Court in Vallejo, who I highly respect, to run for his seat. I was and remain humble and appreciative.

I am thankful to have had the privilege to successfully represent and provide legal counsel to hundreds of satisfied Solano County residents. During this long period of law practice, I have gained a lot of wisdom, understanding and insight about people, conflict resolution, and problem solving, which will follow me to the Bench.

There are hundreds of lawyers in Solano County and I am honored that Judge Bowers selected me for this unique opportunity and privilege to serve the 450,000 citizens that comprise Solano County.  I was born, raised and live in Solano County and will work hard to insure that we have a justice system that works for everyone.

My commitment is to equality, fairness, and justice. I will preserve the rule of law, protect the rights of victims, the accused, litigants, families and children, and all those who seek justice.  My candidacy brings a proven unique skill set and broad based work experience that will greatly aid the Solano County Superior Court bench.  

My family roots run deep and extend beyond 100 years living and working in Solano County. I am motivated, well qualified, have good temperament,  and 39 highly successful years of experience in a variety of law practice disciplines,  all good qualities which I believe will be a valuable asset to the Bench. Solano County deserves a hardworking, fair, respected person to serve you as judge. I am that person, and I have the experience to back this up.

I have no committee, I do not solicit or accept donations, and I pay for all of my campaign ads. I hope to earn your vote for Solano County Superior Court Judge, Department 15 on March 5, 2024.   Thank you  in advance.

Mike Thompson, J.D., M.B.A.


On March 5, 2024, vote for Mike Thompson
for Solano County Superior Court Judge